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TRX2000 ADS-B and XPDR receiver/monitor [TRX2000] €1,095.00

TRX-2000 is a collision avoidance system for panel installation into standard 57mm (2.25") panel cutouts.
The system combines ADS-B and Transponder reception
In addition to a brilliant 2,1" color display it is capable of sending traffic data to many compatible traffic displays or moving-maps.

Easy to install

TRX-2000 is compact, lightweight and only draws very little power.
It can be effortlessly integrated into exisiting panels.
At a weight of less than 300g it is even suitable for the 120kg class of microlight aircraft.

Traffic Detection

TRX-2000 receives the exact 3D-position ADS-B Traffic as well as distance and relative altitude of transponders.


In addition to sending GPS data to Mode-S transponders for ADS-B out, TRX-2000 features two independent traffic data channels for display systems or moving maps in NMEA or GARMIN® TIS® format and an audio output.

Fly safer with enhanced traffic awareness

Despite "See and Avoid" there are 20 collisions annually, worldwide, in general aviation.
In every other case, a party dies.
Collisions are, unfortunately, the second most common cause of accidents.
Collisions occur mostly during the day in controlled and uncontrolled airspace, generally when visibility is good.
Collision avoidance systems like TRX-2000 show relevant traffic before it becomes a danger and can help to resolve dangerous situations.

Use ADS-B Now!

To receive Transponder/ADS-B signals the TRX-2000 does not have to be connected to a Transponder.
Yet you can connect TRX-1090 to your existing Mode-S Transponder with direct NMEA Interface (just like our VT-series of transponders) and utilize its GPS Data to send ADS-B Data out (ADS-B out).
With this professional solution you can already leverage the advantages of ADS-B today.

All advantages at a glance

Fly safer with comprehensive traffic detection and collision warning.
Brilliant 2.1" color display
Flexible installation due to compact design and many interface options
Integrated audio output to headsets/intercoms
NMEA, USB and GARMIN® TIS® Interfaces
Easy setup and configuration via PC-Tool

Tech Specs:

Outline: 61.5 x 61.5 x 130 mm (HxWxD)
57mm/2,25" panel-cutout
Power: 9-28V DC ca. 110 mA at 12V
Weight: 0,3 kg
Many Interfaces
Delivers GPS-Data for Transponders

TRX2000 ADS-B and XPDR receiver/monitor [TRX2000]

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