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TQ-Avionics KTX2-S Mode-S transponder Class-I [286043] €2,099.00 €1,895.01

The newly developed Mode-S Transponder KTX2 incorporates latest technology.
The result is a highly efficient airborne equipment, offering lowest possible power consumption, smallest dimensions and lowest weight.
As a Class 1 Transponder with an operational range up to 35.000ft and 250kt the KTX2 is ideal not only for microlight aircraft and gliders, but also for a major part of aircraft of general aviation up to 12500lbs MTOW (VFR and IFR).

The fully re-engineered KTX2 is a super light weight, compact model S transponder with low current consumption and a premium TFT-colour display.
Regardless of whether it is used in sport, microlight aircraft, gliders or balloons - the KTX2 offers maximum possible safety due to provision of precise position and ID-data for the air traffic control and other air traffic participants. As a result, the KTX2 is a reliable device to prevent collisions.
Advantages at a glance.
Sensational low weight of only 360 grams (0.79lb) - ideal not only for gliders and microlight aircraft.
Smallest dimensions - for an easy and flexible installation.
Minimal current consumption - ideal for battery-operation in gliders and balloons Large, high-contrast, durable TFT colour display for best readability even under direct sunlight.
Intuitive handling - developed from pilots for pilots.
Excellent cost-to-performance ratio.
Easy, flexible installation.

The KTX2 is available in three models. Beside the standard version for installation in a Ø57mm (2¼“) round slot, there is also a 'mini'-version (which will be certified shortly) in landscape or portrait shaped housing.
Due to a housing length of only 144mm (5-2/3”) the transponder can easily be installed in cockpits where there is limited space.
For mobile use, e.g. on balloons, the KTX2 is available as a portable station - ideally in combination with the Dittel KRT2 radio transceiver in the same design.
Standard: 144 x 63,5 x 62 mm
Mini Landscape: 144 x 63 x 46 mm
Mini Portrait: 144 x 46 x 63 mm

Future proof features
The housing of the KTX2 is full of the finest technology:
Built-in high-precision, temperature compensated altitude encoder to connect to the static port.
The hardware of the KTX2 is designed to deliver precise position data (extended squitter) for ADS-B.
Via the RS232 interface, an appropriate GPS receiver can be connected (supplemental ETSO-C166b certification in preparation).
Possibility of firmware upgrades.
Technical Data
Type Mode-S Transponder Class 1 Level 2els

Operating voltage 9V - 33V DC
Power consumption 0,2 - 1.0A (dependent from number of requests)
Transmission power ≥ 24dBW (250W)
Transmission frequency 1090 ± 1MHz
Operating temperature -20°C, +55°C
Shock 6g operation, 20g damage tolerance
Weight 360g
Max. operational altitude 35.000 ft
Max. operational speed 250 kt / 463 km/h
Dimensions 144 x 62 x 62mm (Standard) / 144 x 63 x 46mm (Mini)

TQ-Avionics KTX2-S Mode-S transponder Class-I [286043]

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