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PowerFlarm Fusion anticollision unit [PF-Fusion] €1,879.00 €1,695.00

PowerFlarm Fusion is the new PowerFlarm solution.
Product highlights:
-Next generation PowerFLARM technology, works worldwide.
-Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.
-Flarm Hub embedded web app for easy Configuration
-Stream data to ForeFlight, SkyDemon, EasyVFR, and other navigation apps.
-Radio diversity and ADS-B/Mode-S receiver (1090 MHz) for complete coverage.
-IGC recording (up to diamonds) with ENL.

PowerFlarm Fusion combines the robust and proven PowerFlarm technology with the easiest and most comprehensive configuration and maintenance interface on the market.
Introducing FLARM Hub - a web app that runs on the device and works with any smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer - configuring your FLARM has just become super easy.
Flarm Hub can be used for firmware and obstacle database updates.
IGC files can be downloaded directly to the computer or mobile device.
Additionally, FLARM Hub has a traffic display, a bi-directional data port, and built-in tools for rangeanalysis as well as diagnostics & support.

Furthermore, PowerFlarm Fusion has a range of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection options and can connect to major navigation apps directly such as Air Navigation Pro, SkyDemon, ForeFlight, EasyVFR, iPilot, and XC Soar.
In addition to the standard FLARM data port protocol (ICD), PowerFlarm Fusion also supports the GDL 90 protocol used by many EFBs and navigation apps.

The new CARP range analyzer, which continuously evaluates the measured range during flight, is now integrated into Flarm Hub using the same visualization as the online version.
This makes it possible to verify the radio range on the airfield after any flight.

PowerFlarm Fusion comes included with everything that is taken for granted in a modern PowerFlarm device: extended range, antenna diversity, improved interference and ESD protection, ADS-B & Mode-S receiver, wireless connectivity, and intuitive obstacle warnings (databases sold separately).
Options that previously required a license are now included: IGC, ENL, Antenna Diversity (RFB), and Audio Out.

The familiar antenna and data connections on PowerFlarm Fusion make it effortless to upgrade from a PowerFlarm Core.
The form factor and mounting holes are identical. We offer an adapter kit for the updated antenna connectors, allowing the use of existing antennas and cables.

PowerFlarm Fusion is (just like its predecessors) installed "hidden" behind the instrument panel or in the avionics compartment and passes PowerFlarm traffic information to third party display systems.
Many specialized display solutions are available additionally nearly all leading Moving-Map Systems are capable of displaying PowerFlarm Data.
In addition, many tablet and smartphone apps can show traffic information from PowerFLARM Fusion directly, using its integrated Bluetooth and Wi-Fi dual radio.

PowerFlarm Fusion can operate up to two independent Flarm antennas and features amplified range.
It can also operate a ADS-B in antenna. In contrast to normal Flarm-systems it features enhanced range and better coverage.

Operating voltage range: 12V - 32V
Power consumption: 180mA
Mass: 250g

L: 119mm
W: 80mm
H: 42mm

In the Box:
- 2x Internal Flarm Antenna (RP-SMA)
- 1x Internal PCAS / ADS-B in Antenna (SMA)
- 1x Internal GPS-Antenna (SMC)
- Data-cable
- Documentation

PowerFlarm Fusion anticollision unit [PF-Fusion]

PowerFlarm Fusion anticollision unit [PF-Fusion]

PowerFlarm Fusion anticollision unit [PF-Fusion]

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