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Butterfly display 57 1st edition [BD 57] €329.00

External display unit for use in combination with a FLARM basic unit. Will show all FLARM equiped planes on a radar like screen. It is possible to select the plane on the screen and get more info regarding it's sink or lift (compensated) and, in combination with Flarmnet, about the plane and it's pilot.
When a plane is on a possible collision course, the unit will switch into alarm mode and will show the direction and distance of the thread.
It can even show multiple threads at the same time! (big plus i.o. V2, V3 and V4 displays).

The screen has a very good visibility in poor and full sunlight conditions.

Because of the standard 57mm instrument casing installation is a simple bolt in.

- Double turning knob for easy operation
- 5,3cm wide TFT colourdisplay
- 176x132 Pixel screen
- Backgroundlighting
- Flarmnet memory for up to 4000 planes
- Dimensions: 60 x 66 x 30mm (57mm hole)
- Standard Flarm connection
- Powered by 3,3V directly provided by Flarm
- Power consumption ca 40 mA
- Extended warnings (compared to standard Flarm)
- Indication of compensated sink/lift of other planes
- Indication of circling/straight flight
- Lock of extended function for competition use
- Private mode selectable

When installed in combination with a second display a Y-Splitter is necesary. De Butterfly can not be connected to the extention port in this case. In combination with a connection of a PDA to the Flarm we advise to use a special Y-Splitter with a switch on the dataport to prevent a conflict in the communication.

Butterfly display 57 1st edition [BD 57]

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