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Airnergy NMC battery 30.5Ah [NM14.4-30.5] €349.00 €319.00

One of the latest developments in batteries is Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide (LiNiMnCoO2) or in short NMC.
This is the most versatile lithium chemistry. It combines the same safety as LFP together with good lifetime.
Furthermore, by playing with the mix of nickel and manganese, the result can be a cell with much higher power.
Compared to LFP, the new NMC battery has more than double the energy, and about four times the energy of lead-acid.
With this it also has a lower weight than the LFP batteries.
With a cycle life of close to 1500 it comes close to the LFP batteries, which last approx. 2000 cycles.

To protect the battery from over charging and over discharging the battery is equiped with a 40A internal battery management system (BMS).
The BMS also takes care of the balance between the internal cells.

Storage and safety instructions:
If not in use for periods longer than 2 months, discharge to 40% / 14.0V and store at a cool temperature.
Charge with a suitable 16.8V Li-Ion charger only.

Voltage: 14.4V
Voltage range: 11.2V to 16.8V
Maximum discharge current (continues): 20A
Maximum discharge current (pulse): 30A
Terminal: Faston 6.3mm
Weight: 2040gram
Appr. dimensions : LxWxH = 151x98x94(101)mm

Is 16.8V not too high?
Most modern avionics can handle input voltages well above the battery's maximum voltage of 16.8V. Special caution must be used with certain older avionics as these sometimes have voltage limits between 15 and 16V.
A diode can be installed in the power supply line of the specific device, which would result in a voltage drop of about 0.8V (up to 1.0V under load).
This will ensure the input voltage will remain below the manufacturers' specified limit.
It's not advised to install a diode in the battery's main supply line, as all instruments would be affected by this voltage drop, which may not be neccessary.

Alternatively a DC-DC step down converter could be used, but we don't recommend this as RF interference (noise on the radio) could be experienced.

Airnergy NMC battery 30.5Ah [NM14.4-30.5]

Airnergy NMC battery 30.5Ah [NM14.4-30.5]

Airnergy NMC battery 30.5Ah [NM14.4-30.5]

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